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From Chicago to Texas to Honduras. Aerospace engineer on the F-35 Fighter Jet program to missionary managing an education project supporting 320+ kids to coffee sourcing specialist in Danlí, Honduras. Whew!


From hydrogeological consulting for mining companies in Chile, Peru and Ghana, to coffee sales and marketing in Honduras. Barbara grew up in Niagara Falls, Canada and since 2016 has been based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


From corn and soybean production, in 2018 Frédéric worked in Honduras supporting coffee cooperatives in micro-financing. Originally from Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Fréderic is our Canadian representative based in Montréal, Canada where he is currently studying a MSc. in Financial Engineering.

Frédéric RIVARD

Gerry and Sharleen were winding down their successful careers in corporate management and they were given the opportunity with Cuso International to offer their business development expertise to NGOs in Southeast Asia, Africa and Central America. Since 2017 Sharleen and Gerry have been living in Honduras assisting farmers market their coffee directly to International buyers.

Sharleen and Gerry Moodie

From international Municipal Planning to Environmental management and Food Security to Economic Development … Serge is from Montreal, Quebec and has worked in Africa, South & Central America. For the past 4 years he has been the Country Director for SOCODEVI in Honduras.


Javier, our Agroforestry Sales and Marketing Specialist, supports our coffee producers and cooperatives with sales and marketing of their products to the national market.

Javier M. Cruz

Merlin, our Agroforestry Specialist, supports our coffee producers and cooperatives with in-field specialty coffee processing and quality control training.

Merlin Mejia

Allan, our Agroforestry Specialist, provides in-field technical support to coffee producers through field schools and finca visits.

Allan Estrada
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Honduran Coffee Alliance

Honduran Coffee Alliance is a social enterprise formed by Sean Warner that is not profit-focused but impact-focused. In 2013, Sean and his wife moved to Danlí, Honduras to manage an education sponsorship nonprofit. Sean has developed a passion for connecting coffee producers to market. In 2019, Honduran Coffee Alliance partnered with the Canadian NGO SOCODEVI. Sean's vision is to help producers receive a better price for their coffee by helping producer groups develop sustainable relationships with buyers.

Sean travels to coffee farms of the region, discovering coffee producers with great potential, and introduces their quality coffee to buyers. He has received cupping training in the US and Honduras and has experience managing quality control and export / import logistics. In addition to the impact made on the lives of the producers, the profits of Honduran Coffee Alliance help Sean and his wife continue to support the education of over 320 impoverished children with the non-profit - Empowering Education International.

Taste Honduras History

SOCODEVI’s objective is to improve the livelihoods of producers and their families in the agroforestry sector. Since 2003, SOCODEVI has been partnering with cooperatives in the Santa Barbara, El Paraiso and Francisco Morazan regions to provide training and support in the disciplines of sustainable farm management, production and process improvement, capacity building, gender equality and organizational governance.

In 2017, Gerry and Sharleen Moodie began working with SOCODEVI to bring their Canadian business experience to the SOCODEVI-supported agroforestry value chains in Honduras. Shortly after developing a detailed strategy for selling specialty coffees direct to roasters, Gerry and Sharleen had a serendipitous encounter with Sean Warner (Honduran Coffee Alliance), and the TASTE HONDURAS project was set into motion.